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Re: Shared libs, moduledir

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On Monday 06 August 2001 07:18 pm, Michael Schuerig wrote:
> Ah, I see. But I don't think this is necessary as with KDEDIRS one can
> achieve the same. In my case, KDEDIRS is set to /usr/local:/usr and
> ~$ kde-config -path module
> -> /home/michael/.kde/lib/kde2/:/usr/local/lib/kde2/:/usr/lib/kde2/
> Up until now, I *thought* /usr/local/lib/kde2 wasn't searched for
> modules (my own kio-slave, in particular). But now I think, the real
> problem was that I probably forgot to call ksycoca after installing
> when I tried it earlier. Sigh.

Hi Michael,

I think this is a feature that should really be documented well with the 
increasing availability of precompiled packages and the difficulty of 
compiling everything yourself.

The manuals did mention KDEDIR, but the CLI configuration and KDEDIRS 
environment variable does not seem to be documented and I had not been able 
to figure out how this was done by reading the docs. Although if I looked at 
the source I'd probably see it :) It would be beneficial for users if two of 
you could come up with a small howto which could be appended to the kde user 
manuals as you seem to have the necessary experience.


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