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Re: KDE 2.2 Final / Potato - Not ?

On Tue, 7 Aug 2001 02:56:20 +0100, John Gay <jgay@Celestica.com>

>I'm running Progeny, but I've only ever tried KDE2.1 with it. 
>Progeny is a strange mix of stable and testing, mostly stable 
>with a few nice GUI install tools added. ... I just wanted to 
>let you know where Progeny stands. I don't think Progeny would 
>be sufficient ... I think you would need to upgrade many libs 
>before 2.2 would work.

Thanks - that's good information - I don't think I'll try, although
Progeny does sound nice.  Maybe I'll find space for another partition
on my hard drive, and have a look at it anyway :-)

Bristol, UK
/* Nobody will ever see this error message :-) */
   panic("Cannot initialize video hardware\n");
           -- Linux 2.0.38,  arch/m68k/atari/atafb.c

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