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Re: Compile small KDE application

On Tuesday 07 August 2001 13:26, Cajus Pollmeier wrote:
> On Monday, 6. August 2001 12:34, Emil Wilmanski wrote:
> > Hello
> >
> > I'm using Debian with KDE v.2.1.1 and i try compile some programs. In
> > fiew ones I have problem to do it:
> >
> > checking for KDE... libraries /usr/local/kde/lib,
> > headers /usr/local/kde/include
> > checking for extra includes... no
> > checking for extra libs... no
> > checking for KDE headers installed... configure: error: your system is
> > not able to compile a small KDE application!
> > Check, if you installed the KDE header files correctly.
> >
> > I don't idea to how make it. I tryed install all KDE libs from deb, next
> > I instaled libs from src and it not worked to.
> >
> > Have any some ideas about how to do it??
> Using the kdelibs debian packages should be ok, but remember to install the
> development packages, too.
> You can look at config.log why the compilation failed. Maybe configure is
> looking at the wrong places. If you're using the do-it-yourself kdelibs,
> you've to care about the KDEDIR enviroment variable.
Another good trick is to look at the debian-directory that comes with kdebase 
and kdelibs. Or just steal its debiandirs file, that sets the correct 
locations for kde-applications.


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