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Re: objprelink and KDE/QT

Am Donnerstag, 9. August 2001 04:36 schrieb Ivan E. Moore II:
y> Ok folks,
>     I know at least one person is interested in this as he's been beating
> me up over this for a week. :)  So...here's an update and info.

Wondering who this was? *g*

> I *just* found the problem I have been fighting with for a week now which
> was causing my qt libs to end up being an extra 2+meg.  So now that I got
> that fixed I'll be uploading a new set of libqt* packages.  Here are the
> changes:
>   I spent quite a bit of time cleaning up the build process to take care
> of some custom needs for different platforms.  During this process I
> merged in the libqt2-gl build bits into the qt-x11 source.  This reduces
> the size of the source archive by 10+ megs.

By the way, do you have some build scriptes like you execute it and in the 
and all the debs are ready? :-)

>   I merged in some patches out of the qt-copy CVS tree.  This should
>     clear up some problems some of you might have had.
>   For x86 builds we are now using the objprelink process.  What does this
> mean to you?  Well on average a 20%-30% increase in application startup
> time.  In order for this to work the application you are using (g++
> application to be specific) must have been built using this process. 
> Currently this is just for x86 but eventually the code will exsist for
> other archs (there are beta powerpc bits out there now).

It can be even faster, close to 50%. On a pII > 300 Mhz the bottlenet should 
be the speed of the hd now.

> so...qt will be uploaded tonight most likely.  KDE 2.2 (final) packages
> will be out soon and we'll see if this helps some of you on older hardware.
> if you are a KDE package maintainer for Debian and you want to follow suite
> take a look at the CVS code for any of the packages I maintain and you'll
> see the code.  Basically 2 bits...one in debian/rules and one in
> admin/acinclude.m4.in.  (remember that this should only be done for x86
> builds)
> if you have any questions please feel free to contact me.  And if you
> want a copy of the kdelibs 2.2 final packages prior to Monday so you can
> upload at the same time let me know and I can drop them somewhere for you.

maybe you should put then in your repository so people can check them out and 
report bigger Problems!

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