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Ivan- KDE 2.2 final - What's the status?

Hi Ivan - Thanks for your great work!

Now that KDE 2.2 has been released, I've been waiting word from you here
about the status of the Debian packages.  I've been waiting because I want
to get a complete fresh install of Debian & KDE 2.2, and want to do it

This is not meant to rush you, because I can appreciate how busy you must
be, and appreciate your great volunteer work.  But, would you please take a
moment and message the list saying:

1. What the status of the KDE 2.2 packages is.
2. A brief How-to install a fresh Debian + KDE 2.2 system today?

Thank you.

I will note that I saw the KDE announcement,
and looked at the Debian packages that announcement pointed to:
So, is everything needed already up?

If so, what is the  procedure for getting a working KDE 2.2 system on
Debian now?

To save you a bit of writing, I will follow up this message with another
message giving a rough cut at the current procedure for installing a fresh
Debian prerelease Woody/testing and KDE 2.2 system.

Would you please look that procedure over?  Is it correct?  Would you
please fill in the blank I've got in it, and make any other
corecctioins/suggestions you think might be important?  Thank you.  

I think it would be very helpful to future persons who want to install
Debian + KDE that they be able to have that procedure, and find it readily.
 I think it would be great to post this at a prominent Debian/KDE site. 
Would you please post it at kde.debian.net?  Thank you.

(Note: This is my rough cut at getting the procedure correct.  There might
be omissions or errors.  I invite anyone knowledgeable in this procedure to
reply to the list here with corrections or suggestions for improvement.
Together we can make this a superb help for future Debian/KDE installers! 
Thank you in advance!)

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