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HowTo install a Debian prerelease Woody/testing and KDE 2.2 system


There is the KDE 2.2 announcement,
and the Debian packages that announcement pointed to:
So, is everything needed already up?

If so, what is the  procedure for getting a working KDE 2.2 system on
Debian now?

To save you a bit of writing, this message gives a rough cut at the current
procedure for installing a fresh Debian prerelease Woody/testing and KDE
2.2 system.

Would you please look that procedure over?  Is it correct?  Would you
please fill in the blank I've got in it, and make any other
corecctioins/suggestions you think might be important?  Thank you.  

I think it would be very helpful to future persons who want to install
Debian + KDE that they be able to have that procedure, and find it readily.
 I think it would be great to post this at a prominent Debian/KDE site. 
Ivan, would you please post it (after I've had a chance to make
any updates from suggestions on this list) at kde.debian.net?  
Thank you.

(Note: This is my rough cut at getting the procedure correct.  There might
be omissions or errors.  I invite everyone knowledgeable in this procedure
to reply to the list here with corrections or suggestions for improvement.
Together we can make this a superb help for future Debian/KDE installers! 
Thank you in advance!)

TITLE:  HowTo install a fresh Debian prerelease Woody/testing and KDE 2.2 
system, on an I386 compatible, downloading from the net.

(CREATION & COPYRIGHT: Created by John Regan. 
All copies must include this parenthetical creation and copyright 
information verbatim.

Copyright (c)  2001 John Regan.
Permission is granted to copy, distribute and/or modify this document
under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License, Version 1.1
(viewable currently at:  http://www.gnu.org/licenses/fdl.html )
or any later version published by the Free Software Foundation;
with the Invariant Sections being the TITLE and this 

(As of 16/8/01 the Debian Woody system is in preparation for final 
release.  This document describes how to get KDE 2.2 installed on 
a Debian stable/Potato system, upgraded to the Woody/testing
packages.  These packages may have some bugs, but are likely to be 
bug free enough to be worthwhile using for many persons.  If you desire 
to make use of software that is more recent than many of the packages
in the stable/Potato Debian distribution, the system here could be
appropriate for you.  Many people use this upgraded configuration,
and find it appropriate for themselves.  YMMV.)

1. Follow the directions at:
to install a base system.
1A. Get the essential install files for your system, including:
	rescue.bin, boot.bin, drivers.tgz (or the floppy images), 
	base2_2.tgz (or the floppy images)
      and, if you're installing from a DOS partition:
	linux kernel, loadlin.exe, install.bat
1B. Start the installer, describe your system, create disk partitions, 
	add and configure your drivers, install the kernel, 
	reboot to the newly installed Debian Potato base system.
1C. Configure your network connection (perhaps PPP ISP dialin), 
	select net install method http, verify your sources.list files 
	has pointers to the debian stable/potato files, 
	download the first set of base Debian files, 
	reboot to the base + 1st packages system.
1D. Connect to the net (perhaps using pon).  
	Run dselect, select option "Select packages", 
	  press the space bar to get out of the help screen.  
	Press enter key to select the suggested packages 
	  to complete a base system. 
	Press enter to accept the selected packages. 
	Select Install. 
	Press enter to proceed with the install.  
	Answer the questions as the packages are installed.
Now you've got the complete base system installed! :)

2. Modify the /etc/sources.list file to change all references 
	from "stable" to "testing".
   Do: "apt-get update" and "apt-get dist-upgrade" to upgrade to 
	the testing/(Proto Woody) distribution files.
   Run dselect. Select "Select packages", press space then enter 
	to select the completion packages. Select Install, say yes 
	to proceed with the install, answer any installer questions.
Congratulations: You've upgraded to the Woody/testing system.

3. Install the basic documentation using the tasksel program. 
	(Under the stable system this was called "Newbie Help".  
	Ivan - what is/will it be called under Woody?
	Or, what is the name to use with apt-get?)

4. Install and configure X windows, using the tasksel program.
	(What is the exact name to use under tasksel, or apt-get?)

5. Install KDE, using the tasksel (or apt-get) program 
	to select ___________ 
	(What will it be, Ivan?)

(6. (Is this step necessary?  Is there a better solution to getting 
	the KDE desktop manager program operating after logins?
	I think something involving KDE Control Center > 
	Login Manager > Sessions > Session Types > New Session
	would be best, but I couldn't find doc under KDE 2.1 saying
	what to put there (and haven't seen 2.2 yet).)  
	Create a file called .xsession in the home directory of each 
	user containing the line: "exec startkde" (without the quotes).)
Congratulations!  You have installed the KDE system! :)

7. Reboot.  Login.  You have KDE up and running!

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