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Re: Compile small KDE application

Hello David!

Am Freitag,  3. August 2001 20:00 schrieb David Bishop:

> > I tried this on my Debian potato using deselect. Result:
> > task-kde-devel not installed ;  install (was: install).  Optional
> > task-kde-devel recommends kdesdk
> > kdesdk does not appear to be available

> Probably depends on what version of debian you're running. 
It is Debian 2.2r3 [potato] (stable).

> If you're
> running sid, try installing kde-devel (no task) instead.  And yes, that was
> my mistake :-)  For any other version, I dunno.  All I have is sid ;-)  (on
> five boxes and counting.....).  I would check incoming.debian.org, and see
> if what you're missing is there.
I expected that I can get this package from kde.tdyc.com/kde.debian.net... 
But I could not find it...

Are there any more hints? Thank you! ;-)

Tschö,      (o,o)
 Kolja      {`"'}

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