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RE: amavis & sendmail Anyone know what this file is? Apache not dropping port 80 Apache/PHP Broken/Incomplete Downloads in Apache building IRRd on woody? building ripe-whois on woody? bypassing Sirc32 change NIC after install chroot and OpenSSH Cloning servers Clustering mail servers - Cyrus or Courier ? Confused Cyrus-imapd install problems ./debian directorys in packages Delivery Failure: ./debian directorys in packages Delivery Failure: PHP3 and Postgresql Delivery Failure: Re: ./debian directorys in packages dhcpd option static-routes and network routes. DNS swap? Dual processors machines and process management e2fsck error ecs k7sem sis730 chipset Re: editing exim eth1: Transmit timeout (...) Ethernet Card recommendation Excessive runts and giants Exim Re: exim and relaying Failover with MySQL Force DNS zonetransfer regardless of serial ? FTP thro' firewall Funny kernel antics Good pop3 server Help! - BIND floods with UDP packets Help: No Connect ppp Host my own box as my own ISP? IBM 300gl w/ Pentium 200mmbx IMAP and multiple mbox mailboxes. Intel L440GX+ MB ISP status monitoring. journaled file systems Kernel 2.4.8 + Portmasters kernel-image-2.4.7-586 Large attachment question. Log analyser for general use ? magic accretion of list-mail via mailman & exim max_connections in mysql mutt (! ssl) named Netsaint question paniclog: Read-only file system passwd file is locked Perl 5.6 Perl Module PHP3 and PostgreSql PHP3 and Postgresql Ping message problems with setting 921k async ppp connection Re: q ad ftp- w/o system-accounts RAID over NBD Reload one domain in caching DNS server request for an ldap schema for mail services roaming with qmail and smtp-poplock Re: scripting lynx semi-off-topic dlink 804 dls router sendmail config issues Sendmail or DNS Problem? Sendmail Relay Problems Sendmail SOS SMTP AUTHentication with Postfix SMTP commands sniffer socket fun & games Re: Software RAID... Suspect Web Server has been hacked :( unexpected ppp daemon termination Virtual table question Webalizer Web Server Benchmarking weird tcp syn problem yeah yeah another ethernet post Re: your mail The last update was on 14:38 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 307 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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