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yeah yeah another ethernet post

I hear loads of Tulip card rages, but other than the netgear and Dlink
issues I have lots of cards running for years here under all kinds of
variable loading.
They work OK, even stuff like the d9102 on bookPC, the ethernets on Intel
motherboards, the 3com's had issues with correctly setting themselves to
100mbps, and such but new cards and drivers seem fine.

I can't help this.
I have found a location in Europe with good connectivity. 
We are planning to take a rack there.
If anyone has applications that they know will need a lot of bandwidth, we
can offer it at rediculously low rates--probably lower than you would
I'm seeking larger clients, and it can't hurt to have smaller ones as
We are talking we will be purchasing 300mbps of bandwidth, so if you have
an applications that will run heavy load on a 1u box or 2u box, we can
Al Hoffman ahoffman@announce.com

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