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Re: ./debian directorys in packages

On Fri, Aug 10, 2001 at 01:51:21PM +1200, Simon Allard wrote:
> The reason I ask is I want to compile some new packages, but don't want to
> make my own rules files else it gets to hard in the future when reverting
> back to debian created packages.

As many others have pointed out, you can get the source of a package
apply the diff etc etc etc...

However, if you are missing a feature in a stable version of the
package, you can get an unstable or testing version of the package and
compily that.

Basic small HOWTO:
- grab the unstable/testing source package (somewhere in the
  debian/pool dirs on your local debian mirror, check the Packages
  files to know the exact location): it contains 3 (sometimes 2)
  files: a .dsc, a .diff.gz and a .tar.gz
- put them in the same directory and issue a dpkg-source -x on the
  .dsc. This should create your entire source tree, complete with
  debian diffs and all
- patch the thing (if you need to make modifications) and then run
  ./debian/rules binary

As I said: this the quick and dirty way. You should read the
debian-maintainers-manual (or whatever it is called) for more details
and other stuff like how to change the version number etc etc ...

Kind regards,


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