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Re: Software RAID...

On Wed, 1 Aug 2001, Russell Coker wrote:

> On Tue, 31 Jul 2001 16:28, Roger Abrahamsson wrote:
> > Do anyone here know is if there is any way you can add disks/grow an
> > existing software raid-5 system (2.4.x kernels)?
> > The cost of large IDE-disks now makes it possible to have some 300+GB
> > system for cheap mass storage where access times is less critical, but it
> > would be nice to be able to add disks to it after demand..
> > Any info is appreciated.
> LVM is the correct solution to this problem.  You can run LVM over multiple 
> RAID-5 and RAID-1 arrays.  Then you have RAID for reliability and LVM to 
> allow easy growth of storage.
> I'm still not sure that LVM is ready for serious use though...

Hmm, LVM could solve it in a fashion.. However I would have to build one
new raid5 array each time I uppgraded it with that solution. It would have
been nice to be able to grow it with one disk at a time. I just thought it
would be possible to do it, since it's all done in software in any
case. As for serious use, this is still an "el cheapo" solution. It's okay
for some downtime, as long as the data stays intact.

Anyway thanx for the info.

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