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RE: journaled file systems

Hey Kevin,

To me, ext3 is still in its alpha stage, so I rather don't have a test
with it now.
For JFS, it patches against older kernels :-(

So there remains only ReiserFS and XFS for choice.

ReiserFS isn't bad, but XFS presently shows faster performance than
Furthermore, XFS has many features such as ACL, etc.

For e-mail servers, there will be numerous file activities.
XFS should be your better choice than ext3.

With Best Regards,
Donald Szeto.

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Subject: journaled file systems

Hey guys,

    Ok, I've seen the benchmarks Craig put out with regards to ReiserFS
    Ext2 vs XFS.  What about Ext3 or IBM's JFS?  Anyone have any
    for these?

    And does anyone have a personal recommendation on one that is
    for for a mail server, set up with postfix.  Following discussion
    there, seems Ext3 might be my best bet, but I figured I'd ask what
    people were doing over here.



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