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Re: named

* This one time, at band camp, vijaya said:
> hi all,
> i ahve redhat 7.1 and the named is unable to shutdown
> Any suggestions regarding this
> but starting the named is successful
> After loading the configuration from /etc/named.conf this is the next
> message in /var/log/messages
> named[735]:master.c:1172:unexpected error:
> named[735]:dns_master_load:named.ca:1:no TTL specified. THIS ZNE WILL NO
> named[735] :dns_master_load:named.ca:1:unknown RR type 'This'
> named[735]:zone configuration for '.' failed:unknown class/type
> named[735] loading configuration:failure
> named[735]:exiting (due to fatal error)
> named[735]:named shutdown failed
> But i am able to connect to the net and and dns is working fine
> Could anyone tell me what all these messages infer in detail
> Waiting for ur reply

Check what resolver you are using (look in /etc/resolv.conf).  I'd wager
that its not (or the machines IP address) which means that you
are not using the bind instance (which isn't running on that machine) as
your resolver.

As for the rest of the problem.... you are using redhat and posting to a
debian list...

I suspect a problem with the zone file, looks like you are using an old
format or have errors in it.


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