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Re: Confused

On Tue, Aug 14, 2001 at 04:36:54PM +0200, Craig wrote:
> Hi everybody :)
> How to write this clearest *sigh* 

Hope I understand the problem properly.
> When i telnet to port 25 from my desktop machine to my 
> secondary mail server (sendmail), the time period is almost instant,
> however when i telnet from my primary mail server outside 
> my firewall to my primary mail server (exim) there is a noticeable
> delay.
> Anyone got any suggestions, have checked out my firewall script
> and it is letting though DNS stuff, also both servers have rev
> lookups.

Had the same problem, exim does a reverse connection on the auth port
(113), and if it's blackholed there is a 10 second timeout. Try making
sure that the firewall *denies* the connection (or lets it though,
doen't really matter).


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