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Re: Confused

On Thu, Aug 16, 2001 at 10:05:09AM +0200, Robert Waldner wrote:
> >> Open my firewall for 113 Auth ... has worked, now
> >> i need someone or some docs to explain what/how and why :)
> Simply put something along the lines of
>  auth stream tcp nowait nobody /bin/dd dd if=/dev/urandom bs=32 count=1
> in inetd.conf, this will not break anything, leave programs
> that depend on some auth-answer happy, and doesn?t open any
> security-holes (that I?m aware of, someone correct me if I?m
> wrong).

hmmm... well, it might break insecure programs connecting to
your "ident" server.  Also, you're wasting the entropy in your
random number generator.  Why not just "cat blah" or something

Michael Wood

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