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Reload one domain in caching DNS server

Hello All

I have a quick question, but I am not sure that there is a quick 

We run one DNS server as a "caching DNS server".  All DNS 
queries from our site are forwarded to this server.  It does not host 
any primary or secondary "zones" and resolves all of its queries 
from root servers.  Thus the answers we get from DNS are 
generally the same as everyone else on the internet, which helps 
our support guys give our customers sensible answers.

The trouble is when we update one of our domains, we still see the 
"old" domain data until such time as it expires.

How can I force our caching DNS server to reload 1 domain?  

I don't want to restart bind and force it to reload all of the info it has 
cached every time we update one domain, because the DNS 
server  builds up quite a history and I think e-mail etc takes a bit of 
a knock after a reload.

(New domains are not a problem, just updates to old ones)


Ian Forbes ZSD
Office: +27 +21 683-1388  Fax: +27 +21 64-1106
Snail Mail: P.O. Box 46827, Glosderry, 7702, South Africa

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