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Re: Cyrus-imapd install problems

Theodore Knab wrote:
> Hi, I am having difficutly setting Cyrus-imapd with Exim.

 Yeah, it's a bitch!

> Could someone refer me to a recent Cyrus-imapd install or config document that works with Exim.

 Funny you said that. When I read this email I was writing a doc on how to
setup Postfix with Cyrus to handle email for virtual users on virtual
domains. Now that the doc is finished, you can check it out (along with my
other humble contributions) at the following URL:


 Please give me some feedback.

> I am trying to setup the following Web-based IMAP Mail Program.
> http://packages.debian.org/stable/web/imp.html

 I have a doc for that as well. It's on my website :-)


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