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sendmail config issues

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This is probably fairly simple, but I'll admit to only slight knowledge 
concerning sendmail (not my choice :-).

Here's the situation:  we have a collection of unix machines that are all 
configured to send mail to a mailhub.  That works.  Then, if the mail is sent 
only to "username", then it attempts to deliver it locally on that mailhub.  
If it was sent to "username@micron.com", then the mailhub forwards it onto 
the company-wide mailhub, which handles it.  However, unless that user (in 
the "username" situation) has a unix account (and not everybody does), the 
delivery attempt fails.  Since I can tell this is becoming confusing, I'll 
try and diagram it:

sent to local user with unix account (note this *probably* ends up at the 
central mailhub eventually, but that isn't gaurunteed)
"user" -> mailhub -> check for local account -> success.

sent to local user without unix account
"user" -> mailhub -> check for local account -> failure.

sent to local user, doesn't matter if they have unix account or not
"user@micron.com" -> mailhub -> company-wide mailhub -> success.

I just need to have my mailhub check for a local account, and if that fails, 
then forward it on to the central mailhub, which will be able to take care of 
it.  However, I can't just tack micron.com onto every incoming email, as some 
of the "username" email /needs/ to stay on our local mailhub.  I don't know 
if I'm make the proverbial mountain of a molehill, or overlooking something 
obvious, but any help/tips/what to do is greatly appreciated.

Many thanks.

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