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Excessive runts and giants


I have a Compaq, witha  ThunderLan NIC, connected to a Cisco Switch.
Straight connection, no hub or anything in between.

On the Cisco, the monitor shows a high degree of Runts.  Over a 1 min
period, with the link running 50% util over 100Mbps half-duples, I see about
10 collisions, and a few hundred runts, plus a dozen giants.

The collisions are OK, I can believe the switch and the NIC start talking at
the same time.  Why runts?  I have changed the patch cord, no effect, or at
least no noticable effect.  Even more surprising are the giants.

Any clues where to look?  I am putting of swapping the NIC, as that will
involve a reboot.

Also, is there a list of incompatible Auto-Sensing between vendors?  I have
seen reference to this, just wondering if there is documentation on it.


Sanjeev Gupta

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