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Re: Help! - BIND floods with UDP packets

Yeah, I know what is the normal behavior. But it really floods. I already have one working DNS server which has forwarders option set to ISP DNS server, it works perfectly more than 1 year. This buggy DNS is the second and I set it up yesterday. This is not my first BIND installed, I know how to set it up correctly.

The bug is that second BIND (when being run by ndc start) floods local LAN between its host and main DNS with UDP traffic, and then floods outer link. This is not normal work, when 256kbit/s link is 80% filled with UDP, you should realize this :)

I think problem can be in incorrectly set up timings for several zones. For example 0 seconds of TTL or such... Answer to myself :)

> Dmitry Litovchenko wrote:
> > BIND-2 seems to flood outer network (parent DNS) with UDP
> > messages at 30-80% of WAN link capacity. How to stop that
> > behavior?
> What do you mean saying it floods ? 80% link capacity with what kind of
> traffic ? How much tome does it take ?
> I can see, it is normal behavior - bind sends very few TCP packets,
> almost all traffic is UDP.
> You can minimize it by adding some forwarders. Otherwise bind sends
> queries to root servers.
> Pick host(s) of your provider if you can.
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