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Re[2]: Clustering mail servers - Cyrus or Courier ?

Hey Jeff,

Monday, August 06, 2001, 6:32:47 AM, you wrote:

JW> <quote who="Przemyslaw Wegrzyn">

>> However, AFAIK it can be done only with Cyrus with its IMAP Aggregator, or
>> with qmail-ldap + Courier-IMAP...

JW> You ought to check out Scalemail, which is being developed expressly for
JW> this purpose. It is a combination of Courier POP/IMAP and postfix. Very
JW> powerful combo.

JW> - Jeff

Is there any plans to offer a version with Cyrus IMAPd?  There's a fair
number of us that like this better than Courier, so I think it would be a
nice suggestion :)  Btw, anyone know if the Cyrus IMAPd maintainer plans on
maintaining the package anymore?  It is seriously out of date, and he hasn't
responded to a bug report filed about it being such.


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