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Re: Failover with MySQL


[a bit late but never tell a thread dead...]

On Fri, Aug 17, 2001 at 11:01:26AM +0000, Buisson Olivier wrote:
> > > To be more understood: I would like to setup 2 mysql server. One is a
> > > master and would take all requests. When it failed, the other server
> > > takes the hand and respond to the requets.
I've once installed this setup (although it's not yet in production) and 
it seems to work nice in once way i.e. you take care that the backup server
never gets written to unless he's master because replication works only
from master to slave and not the other way around.

The config btw. is quite easy about two lines in every my.cnf and a 
"backup" user with proper rights and that's all.



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