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Re: Webalizer

At 08:23 28/08/01 +0100, Rob Woodward wrote:


One method I used was to use a different config file for each vitual host
I had on the box. Each vitual host has a different log file too.

My 2 cents :

for arf in `find /opt/web/web2/home/*/logs/access_log`
        $WEBALIZER -o /tmp -Q -N 5 -D $CACHE $arf

for arf in `find /opt/web/web2/home/*/logs/access_log`
site=`echo $arf | sed "s/\/logs\/access_log//" | sed "s/\/opt\/web\/web2\/home\///"`
        infos=`echo $arf | sed "s/\/logs\/access_log/\/stats\//"`
$WEBALIZER -p -r $site -s $site -Q -o "$infos" -D $CACHE -n "$site" -c $WEBALIZER_CONF

So webalizer will look by himself for all the web sites on /opt/web/web2/home and generate the stats... No config file to change when you add a new we site.

Of course each site stores his log files in /opt/web/web2/home/*/logs/access_log




On Tue, 28 Aug 2001, Craig wrote:

> Hey debian community
> I have just install webalizer 1.30 on my web server box
> so our web designers can analyze traffic to and from
> their websites. I have a combined log for all our sites
> but it doesn't look like webalizer is giving a statistical
> by site break-down. Does anyone know if webalizer has this
> ablility, or better yet enlighten me as to how I can do
> this ?>
> Any help would be mostly appreciated :)
> Craig

Rob Woodward.

No wonder you're tired!  You understood so much today.

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