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Broken/Incomplete Downloads in Apache

Title: Broken/Incomplete Downloads in Apache

We're having problems with maybe 1 in 1000, or probably more like 1 in 10000 downloads in apache failing before the entire file is sent.  They're showing up in the access logs as successful requests with a 200 status code, but with a smaller data transferred size than it should be.  We've had the problems both with and without the mod_gzip module, and php shouldn't even be touching these requests, though I included the versions just in case.  The system is running potato and the following versions of some relevant packages.  I was just wondering if anyone else was having a similiar problem, or could point me in the right direction to look?  I personally cannot reproduce the problem, though I've seen it happen on other people's workstations twice.

        apache  1.3.20-1
        apache-common   1.3.20-1
        php4    4.0.6-4
        php4-apc        1.0.10pl4-1
        php4-cgi        4.0.6-4
        php4-curl       4.0.6-4
        php4-domxml     4.0.6-4
        php4-gd 4.0.6-4
        php4-mysql      4.0.6-4
        php4-pear       4.0.6-4

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