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Re: Ethernet Card recommendation

On Fri, Aug 31, 2001 at 11:36:17AM -0300, Jordi S . Bunster wrote:
> I've finally convinced my boss to buy new PCI Ethernet Cards. Can
> Are the 3COM a good choice? Which ones exactly?

I have to agree on the 3com's... I've never had problems with them so
far. I've also got some servers on rtl8139 and intel cards, and have had
the following problems with them:

rtl: Heavy traffic (sustained 6+ MB/sec will kill the card to the level
that you need to ifdown/unload module/load module/ifup)
We can get to this point within 30 minutes.

intel: When it works, it usually lasts forever, but it occasionally
doesn't work after booting a system, and the only solve is te reboot,
then it usually works. As soon as it works... no problems

Macronics (Tulip chipset) same problems as the rtl's... they go comatose
on heavy traffic.

We even had an increase in problems when we switched a load of 10/100
hubs to 10/100 switches, since the max load on the cards more then
doubled after this (about 3MB/s to 6+ MB/sec (bytes))

You pay a bit more for 3com... but it's worth the no-hassle :)
People time costs a lot more then one lousy nic ;)

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