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DNS swap?

First of all, I'd like to appologise to the people who will think this
message is non-relevant, but I post it anyway, because:

1) the normal, "official" dnsswap mailinglist is full of idiots
2) Most debian ISP-admins are capable admins, that will keep their
system 'apt-get update && apt-get upgrade'-ed. ;)

I have started a webdevel./hosting company and am looking for somebody
to swap dns with. We will have several colo-servers in the Brussels
Datacenter of Colt, one of Europe's biggest network-companies. 

We will have about 15 or 20 domains to start, but that should increase
to about 50 or 60. Most of these domains will be used by small
companies, so there won't be that much trafic.

Anyone interested? Please mail me directly...



ps: OF course my servers will run debian ;)

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