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RE: your mail

I know the feeling....I came from the qmail mailing list and there isn't 
any message appended to the bottom of the email messages.  I had to go to 
their website to figure it out again after doing that trick.

I stopped looking at debian-user as I got something of the order of 100 - 
300 messages per day...Don't get much time to read them these days :-) 
 Sometimes I prefer newsgroups as I can filter through the volume of 
messages without trashing all the ones I don't have time to read.



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On Sat, Aug 18, 2001 at 10:37:58AM +1000, nick@wildcomm.net wrote:
> unsubscribe

Amazing, I came directly from exim-users where someone else did the
exact same thing and in consequence was being ridiculed.

One thing is to be told to RTFM, but when people will ignore error
messages ("It doesn't work! What do you mean 'error message'?), don't
read dialog boxes ('OK to wipe your entire hardrive?' *click*), or
read what's appended to every damn message from a mailinglist, what
can you do?

I'll get my coat...


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