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Apache not dropping port 80

What can possibly be happening? Sometimes the command
/etc/init.d/apache restart, or sometimes even ( /etc/init.d/apache
stop ; sleep 5 ; /etc/init.d/apache start) seems not do release por

it says (on error.log):

[Thu Aug 23 14:01:13 2001] [info] removed PID file /var/run/apache.pid
[Thu Aug 23 14:01:13 2001] [notice] caught SIGTERM, shutting down

And then, on start:

[Thu Aug 23 14:01:53 2001] [crit] (98)Address already in use:
make_sock: could not bind to port 80

What I do, enter top, list all processes for the www-data user, and
kill them one by one. Sometimes there're three, sometimes two. Among
the processes I've found, tail, sh, bd ....

After killing them all, apache starts again perfectly.

Also, other strange messages follow:

gd-png warning: alpha channel not supported
sh: ./tmp: No such file or directory
sh: ./.tmp: Permission denied
 We'r in MaxDigits

The first one, I know what means. But the rest ....

Is that a bug? Has the server been compromised?

 -- Jsb

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