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Re: editing exim


Assuming that you are accepting mail only for your own domain, you should run
and choose option 1. This will set up a functional mail system, assuming that your DNS entry for your domain point to your machine (so that others know where to send your mail to).

As to what to change, that depends on what you need.
	info exim
is good to start with. In case you look at the docs on exim.org, please note that your exim version, in stable is not the latest; it is probably 3.12. Check by:
	telnet 0 25
The exim banner will tell you the version.

Sanjeev Gupta
Linux MVP Brainbench

Kris Blackwood wrote:


Thank you all who answered my previous problem. The
webmin that was installed was for TESTING and someone
really nice helped me remove it. So now....I can
install okay.

Next situation:

What exactly needs to be edited on exim? What do I need to change?

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