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Re: chroot and OpenSSH

I'm happy to report that it did work.  I had to apply the third "hunk"
of the patch manually since the OpenSSH source code had changed slightly
on the effected lines since the patch had been submitted, but once it
was applied, it compiled without any problem and is working as it should.

Following Jeremy Reed's suggestion I've opted to hard link the libs and
bins rather than copying them.  Thanks for the suggestion, it is working
quite well, but in the course of making these links I've come up against
another probably clueless question:  According to the "ln" manpage and
info page, the super user can hard link directories by setting the -d or
-F options.  For some reason I cannot get this option to work, even
though I have tried it with a variety of directories, with different
permissions, but all located on the same filesystem.

I did some digging around for more documentation on hard links, but the
most prominent thing that I found was contrary to the man page, but
consistent with my experience in that it said that one couldn't hard
link directories.  Anyone know of a somewhat definitive documentation on
hard links, preferrably with examples?

Thanks again to everyone who responded.


Frank Louwers wrote:
> > Thanks for taking the time to answer my somewhat clueless questions.
> np ;) and let us know if it works ...
> Frank

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