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Re: Apache not dropping port 80

On Thu, 23 Aug 2001, Jordi S . Bunster wrote:

> What can possibly be happening? Sometimes the command
> /etc/init.d/apache restart, or sometimes even ( /etc/init.d/apache
> stop ; sleep 5 ; /etc/init.d/apache start) seems not do release por
> 80.

Before you start it again did you use "ps" to see that it was stopped?

> What I do, enter top, list all processes for the www-data user, and
> kill them one by one. Sometimes there're three, sometimes two. Among
> the processes I've found, tail, sh, bd ....

tail and sh are probably from some CGI script. You may need to wait for
them to close. (What is bd?)

> After killing them all, apache starts again perfectly.

If you wait longer than five seconds, will they properly die/close on
their own?

> Also, other strange messages follow:

Where do you see these? (In the error logs?)

> gd-png warning: alpha channel not supported
> sh: ./tmp: No such file or directory
> sh: ./.tmp: Permission denied
>  We'r in MaxDigits

Is there corresponding entries in your access log? (There should be.)

> The first one, I know what means. But the rest ....

I have been told that "We'r in MaxDigits" is from a counter script.

> Is that a bug? Has the server been compromised?

Look at your access logs and see what scripts are doing what.

  Jeremy C. Reed
     BSD software, documentation, resources, news...

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