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Re: problems with setting 921k async ppp connection

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On Tue, 7 Aug 2001, Sebastian Podjasek wrote:

> Now when connection is established some errors saying
>   'neighbour table overflow'
> are displayed

Ah.  The dreaded 'neighbour table overflow' message.
(I've just spent 2 weeks fighting this one.  A real B-errormesage-FH.)

This means that your system is unable to resolve some of its component
machines.  But which?  (In my case, usually localhost.)

Check very carefully the contents of:

   * /etc/hosts
   * /etc/resolv.conf
   * /etc/network/interfaces

Also check that you can ping every machine on the network.
(Particularly localhost.)

Then make sure that you have *explicitly* given correct addresses,
netmasks, and gateway address in /etc/network/interfaces for both
ethernet and local loopback connections.
(see man interfaces for examples)

What does ifconfig tell you?
(You should see details of both ethernet and local loopback connections
- -- if not, you've got a problem.)

If necessary, do an

     ifconfig netmask up

to try to kick local loopback into life.
(If it does, add the address and netmask info lines to to the lo iface
in your /etc/network/interfaces file.)


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