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Re: Force DNS zonetransfer regardless of serial ?


The O'Reilly book on DNS and BIND outlines a way to "roll over" your
serial number on the master and force the slaves to reload. That may be
what you're looking for.

The simplest is, of course, to delete the db file on the slave
server(s), but I'm guessing your probelem is that you don't always or
never have access to them (perhaps your upstream is providing secondary
DNS for you?)

Perhaps you should look at automating your DNS updates in some way that
will help prevent you from running into this situation. Once I added a
couple of little well-behaved scripts, my DNS troubles decreased


Marcel Hicking wrote:
> Is it possible to force a secondary/slave NS
> to do a zone transfer for a particualr zone
> _regardless_ of the local stored serial?
> I certainly know that this is not recommended
> for daily use, but I occasionly have a situation
> where this is required.
> Any ideas beyond manually deleting the db-file?
> tia, Marcel
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