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Sendmail or DNS Problem?

I get the following log entry for any message that is being sent to an
account that is not on the server. Accounts on the server work fine.

Aug 27 08:27:44 ns sendmail[658]: NAA27537: to=<chad@chadmorgan.com>,
ctladdr=chad@ns.enhancetheweb.com (1000/1000), delay=2+19:16:17,
xdelay=00:00:00, mailer=relay, relay=n, stat=Deferred: Name server: n: host
name lookup failure

I'm a newbie to sendmail and don't know if this is a Sendmail or a DNS
probelm. I don't think it is a DNS problem because DNS seems to be working
fine for everything else. I think I may be just missing a setting of some
type in sendmail.mc, sendmail.cf or elsewhere.

I've been looking through archives of this list, and others as well as the
docs and haven't been able to find anything. If someone could point me in
the direction of something I've been missing I'd really appreciate it.


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