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Re: eth1: Transmit timeout (...)

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On Friday 10 August 2001 05:48 am, Jordi S . Bunster wrote:
> On Fri, Aug 10, 2001 at 10:42:45PM +1000, Toby Thain wrote:
> > I had a lot of trouble with RT8139B under Debian 2.2 (Intel, on AMD-K6)
> > - same diagnostics, corrupted transfers - with the 8139too driver, I
> > think. I am fairly convinced that the other RT8139 driver caused
> > spontaneous reboots etc.
> Ok, so, regardless of the driver, I should trash the damn thing,
> right?
> > So I bought an Intel EEPro 100+ server NIC and downloaded the
> > Intel driver.
> There was no in-kernel driver by then? (by now?)

There is, but it sucks.  I'm sorry to say it, but it does.  I have a eepro100 
in the computer next to this one, and it was barely functional enough to 
handle downloading the one from intel.  It continually dies, spewing error 
messages to the console and requiring a reboot to fix, not even rmmod and 
insmoding the driver fixes it.  gack.........

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