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Re: FTP thro' firewall

The WS FTP thingy you're refering to is for going through proxies.  Some
folks just don't know the difference between firewalls and proxies. :)  To
do this just set up port forwarding on the firewall.  Use ipchains or
something and only allow ftp connections from your known boxes to pass
through.  Allow nothing from the jungle side.  You should then be able to
transparently connect to the outside world.

At 12:58 PM 8/28/01 +0000, Martin WHEELER wrote:
>Given a small local network, with nodes using a variety of OSes (Winx;
>SuSE; Debian), and a firewall using Mandrake SNF, how does one FTP thro'
>the firewall (safely) from one of the Debian (kernel 2.2.19) nodes?
>Or is this a complete no-no?
>Apparently the Win version of WS FTP has some sort of arrangement to
>allow this -- I can't seem to find any documentation to allow it under
>Debian 2.2r3+testing.
>Any help appreciated.
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Nice sig. :)  Er, I mean Zig.

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