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problems with setting 921k async ppp connection

Hello all,

as I said I have a little problem with making it all work.
I've two 921k modems, connected to fast serial card also 921,
patched glibc, ppp and serial driver 5.05 in kernel with
fast pci serial cards included. 
Now when connection is established some errors saying 
  'neighbour table overflow'
are displayed, skiping that all seems to work ok. 
Connection is up but when I start to download something 
I can see on modem that transmision sometimes stops 
for 2,3 sec., pings also get lost somewhere - about 3-5% lost.

So my questions are:
 1. Why I'm getting this error 'neighbour....'?
 2. What do I have to do, to make this work better ;)
    I mean to stop that 2,3 sec. breaks - maybe I forgot to
    patch something???

Thank You for any answer...

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