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Re: eth1: Transmit timeout (...)

On Fri, Aug 10, 2001 at 10:42:45PM +1000, Toby Thain wrote:

> I had a lot of trouble with RT8139B under Debian 2.2 (Intel, on AMD-K6)
> - same diagnostics, corrupted transfers - with the 8139too driver, I
> think. I am fairly convinced that the other RT8139 driver caused
> spontaneous reboots etc.

Ok, so, regardless of the driver, I should trash the damn thing,

> So I bought an Intel EEPro 100+ server NIC and downloaded the
> Intel driver.

There was no in-kernel driver by then? (by now?)

> (I suggest buy a 2nd hand NIC at auction.)

Oh, nevermind. It's a government agency, they'll take care of those
dirty monetary details. :)

-- Jordi S. Bunster

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