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Re: q ad ftp- w/o system-accounts

On Tue, 31 Jul 2001 10:17:56 CDT, Haim Dimermanas writes:
>> Hmm, I don´t want to cope with LDAP and/or MySQL just for a bunch of
>> ftp-accounts (~ 30). Flat berkeley-db-files are much more appealing
>> for such small numbers (they´re definitely not supposed to grow, not on
>> this box, it´s just that I´m much more security-aware since it was
>> hacked not long ago).
> I agree. 30 accounts is not much. Now to say that it's not enough for you
>to deploy a scalable (and very secure) solution that would solve your
>problem(s), I disagree. I wrote a doc explaining how to install MySQL step
>by step. If you keep your installation current and up-to-date, you should be
>ok when it comes to security.

I tried, but MySQL is Just Too Much for that box (it´s a lowly 486 w/ 
 32 MB RAM and already running at load 0.8++ most of the time[0]).

Anyway, I´ve now got it (mentioning it here for the sake the 

AuthUserFile                    /etc/proftpd.users
AuthGroupFile                   /etc/proftpd.groups
RequireValidShell               no
PersistentPasswd                off
User                            nobody
Group                           nogroup
DefaultRoot                     ~

waldner:<crypt()-pw>:1000:1000:Robert Waldner,,,:/home/waldner:/bin/false

et voila.

0: mailhub for ~ 3k mails/day, webserver for ~ 400 hits/day, approx. 1200
 dns-queries/day. Man, I *like* the hardware-requiremnts of sane OSs.

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\     Xsoft GmbH      | T: +43 1 796 36 36 692 /

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