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Re: FTP thro' firewall

On Wed, 29 Aug 2001, Michael Wood wrote:

> I don't know what "Mandrake SNF" is

Mandrakesoft's Single Network Firewall -- a pre-built template for an
ipchains rules firewall, controlled by a web browser + PHP interface.
$99 with snappy 412 pp manual; or whatever it costs you to download and
burn your own ISO -- _sans_ manual.
The one I'm using was built from a downloaded CD image.

> but if you can install a
> 2.4 kernel on it, you could use iptables instead of ipchains.
> This means you can use the stateful inspection features to allow
> active and passive FTP through the firewall.

Maybe; but at that point you're almost certainly better off
controlling the firewall via CLI anyway.

> The other option is to install an ftp proxy

 ... thanks for the useful info.
I may try this when I've got time to play.  <sigh>

> If people are using WS_FTP to ftp through the firewall

They aren't.  They're being hynoptised by a button with "Firewall"
written on it  :-)

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