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Re: named


On Wed, Aug 29, 2001 at 04:21:27PM +1000, Tony Green wrote:
> * This one time, at band camp, vijaya said:
> > hi all,
> > i ahve redhat 7.1 and the named is unable to shutdown
> > 
> > Any suggestions regarding this
> > but starting the named is successful

Are you sure it actually starts?  But that's beside the point
really.  (You can check with "ps ax | grep named | grep -v grep"

> > After loading the configuration from /etc/named.conf this is the next
> > message in /var/log/messages
> > 
> > named[735]:master.c:1172:unexpected error:
> > named[735]:dns_master_load:named.ca:1:no TTL specified. THIS ZNE WILL NO

This happens when you try to use old zone files from bind 8.2.x
with bind 9.  bind 9 requires a "$TTL blah" at the top of the
zone files (or it will in future.  That's what it's complaining
about here.)

> > named[735] :dns_master_load:named.ca:1:unknown RR type 'This'
> > named[735]:zone configuration for '.' failed:unknown class/type

This looks like you have a comment or something in your zone
file, but it's not "commented out."

Assuming you've just got a caching nameserver installed (i.e.
you aren't the primary/secondary nameserver for any domains) the
easiest would be to remove the zone files and the config files
and reinstall bind (and caching-nameserver.)

What probably happened is that your zone files (or your
named.root (or whatever you called it)) got corrupted, and when
you upgraded to bind9, the config wasn't overwritten because it
was modified.

> > named[735] loading configuration:failure
> > named[735]:exiting (due to fatal error)
> > named[735]:named shutdown failed
> > 
> > But i am able to connect to the net and and dns is working
> > fine
> > 
> > Could anyone tell me what all these messages infer in detail
> > Waiting for ur reply
> > 
> Check what resolver you are using (look in /etc/resolv.conf).
> I'd wager that its not (or the machines IP address)
> which means that you are not using the bind instance (which
> isn't running on that machine) as your resolver.


> As for the rest of the problem.... you are using redhat and
> posting to a debian list...

That too.  This is not the place to ask RedHat specific
questions, although, with a little bit of work, this could be
made a generic Linux/bind9 question that could apply to debian
or any other distribution.

> I suspect a problem with the zone file, looks like you are
> using an old format or have errors in it.

Both ;)

Hope that helps.

Michael Wood

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