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SMTP AUTHentication with Postfix


   First message to the list, so excuse me if I'm doing something wrong.
   I've been using Postfix for some time on a litle server at work and
it's working fine.
   Now I'm looking for some docs on how one could implement SMTP AUTH with
this MTA.

   I've already checked Postfix website recommendations about
whoson and DRAC, which seems to help to accomplish what I'm needing. I'm
to use pop-before-smtp, but first I'd like to check with you all if isn't
better option available.

   Also, I've heard something about SASL and that it could be set up to do
AUTH with Postfix. Is that true ? Could someone point me to some
documentation about
this topic ?

   Thanks for your patience :-)

André Luís Lopes
andrelop at ig dot com dot br
Debian GNU/Linux 2.2r3

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