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[ANNOUNCE] git-deb: a Git importer for Debian packages Architectures EM64T(R) , x86-64 , ia32 , IA64 , Intel(R)64 , x86 , amd64 , amd32 , Mach64 Archive rebuild failures and the clean target AST ksh alpha: compilation failure related to multiarch Re: automake transition breakages Re: away_0.9.5+ds-0+nmu2_multi.changes ACCEPTED into unstable Re: bits from the DPL -- September 2013 Re: Bits from the Release Team (Jessie freeze info) Bootstrappable Debian - a decision is needed, patches exist Re: Bug#688251: #688251: Built-Using description too aggressive Re: Bug#719673: ITP: needrestart -- needrestart checks which daemons need to be restarted after library upgrades Re: Bug#724980: ITP: trove -- Database as a Service for OpenStack Bug#725064: ITP: heat-cfntools -- Tools required to be installed on Heat provisioned cloud Re: Bug#725069: ITP: libscion -- dataflow programming library Bug#725089: ITP: python-os-apply-config -- Creates config files out of cloud metadata Bug#725106: ITP: libdist-zilla-plugin-installguide-perl -- Dist::Zilla plugin to generate installation instructions Bug#725108: ITP: pykolab -- Kolab Groupware Server Bug#725109: ITP: libdist-zilla-plugin-test-perl-critic-perl -- Dist::Zilla plugin to check your code with perlcritic Bug#725110: ITP: kte-collaborative -- Collaborative Text Editor support for KDE Bug#725112: ITP: libdist-zilla-plugin-test-notabs-perl -- Dist::Zilla plugin to make sure hard tabs are not used Bug#725128: ITP: rate4site -- detector of conserved amino-acid sites Bug#725129: ITP: libio-pipely-perl -- create pipe() or pipe-like handles in a portable way Bug#725135: ITP: libfile-sharedir-projectdistdir-perl -- simple set-and-forget use of a share directory in the project root Bug#725137: ITP: libclass-tiny-perl -- minimalist class construction module Bug#725163: RFP: kivy -- kivy Bug#725170: ITP: python-clamd -- clamd is a portable Python module to use the ClamAV anti-virus engine on Windows, Linux, MacOSX and other platforms. It requires a running instance of the clamd daemon. Bug#725179: ITP: isrcsubmit -- extract ISRCs from audio CDs and submit them to MusicBrainz Bug#725204: ITP: libpath-finddev-perl -- Perl module to find a development path somewhere in an upper hierarchy Bug#725205: ITP: libpath-isdev-perl -- Perl module to determine if a given Path resembles a development source tree Bug#725215: ITP: node-multiparty -- Multipart/form-data parser for Node.js Bug#725220: ITP: jatl -- Java Anti-Template Language Bug#725229: ITP: ruby-nfc -- ruby wrapper for the libnfc Bug#725232: ITP: python-cornice -- provides helpers to build & document Web Services with Pyramid Bug#725233: ITP: python-rxjson -- JSON RX Schema validation tool Bug#725234: ITP: python-pytap -- object-oriented wrapper around Linux TUN/TAP device Bug#725277: ITP: r-cran-mfilter -- GNU R package providing miscellaneous time series filters Bug#725317: ITP: python-colander -- simple schema-based serialization and deserialization Bug#725318: ITP: ruby-launchy -- helper class for launching cross-platform applications in a fire and forget manner Bug#725320: ITP: rumember -- "Remember The Milk Ruby API and command line client" Bug#725341: ITP: libnet-facebook-oauth2-perl -- simple Perl wrapper around Facebook OAuth v2.0 protocol Bug#725369: ITP: javax.persistence -- JPA Spec 2.1 OSGi Bundle Bug#725403: ITP: cutepaste -- Client application for written in Qt Bug#725430: ITP: libxml-catalog-perl -- Perl module for resolving public and remapping system identifiers Bug#725463: ITP: metawarej -- Java framework for creating web-based business applications Bug#725482: ITP: nvpy -- Simplenote-syncing note-taking application, inspired by Notational Velocity Bug#725487: ITP: wiktionarytodict -- Translation dictionaries for the dictd server Bug#725618: ITP: python-django-crispy-forms -- app for Django providing elegant form rendering Bug#725624: ITP: python-django-braces -- set of reusable, generic mixins for Django class based views Bug#725654: ITP: djinn -- generate Haskell expressions from types Bug#725683: ITP: libdevel-callsite-perl -- Perl module to get caller return OP address and Perl interpreter context Bug#725705: ITP: nfft -- Library for computing the Non-uniform Fast Fourier Transform Bug#725712: ITP: tarix -- Indexing utility for tar archives Bug#725753: ITP: krb5-strength -- Password strength checking for Kerberos KDCs Bug#725828: ITP: netmate -- netdude clone that shows pcap dump lines in network header style Bug#725912: ITP: python-softlayer -- Python client for SoftLayer API Bug#725940: ITP: django-shortuuidfield -- Short UUIDField for Django Bug#725994: ITP: python-mandrill -- CLI client and Python API library for Mandrill Bug#726025: ITP: tigris -- Stream-based JSON string escaping for Clojure Bug#726026: ITP: libtypes-path-tiny-perl -- Path::Tiny types and coercions for Moose and Moo Bug#726042: ITP: libconvert-ascii85-perl -- Encoding and decoding of ascii85/base85 strings Bug#726120: ITP: roundcube-plugins-kolab -- Kolab Groupware plugins for Roundcube Webmail Bug#726146: ITP: golang-go-net-dev -- Supplementary Go networking libraries Bug#726288: ITP: libdata-messagepack-perl -- MessagePack serializing/deserializing Bug#726316: ITP: libdatetime-format-rfc3339-perl -- module to parse and format RFC3339 datetime strings Bug#726332: ITP: clang-tags -- Indexing tool for C/C++ source code Bug#726346: ITP: libmatewnck -- MATE Window Navigator Construction Kit Bug#726376: ITP: puppet-module-puppetlabs-mysql -- The mysql module let you manage mysql with puppet Bug#726386: ITP: pyqi -- Python framework for wrapping general commands in multiple interfaces Bug#726393: general: Possible malware infections in source packages Bug#726393: Info received (Bug#726393: general: Possible malware infections in source packages) Bug#726393: marked as done (general: Possible malware infections in source packages) Bug#726393: solution via obfuscation Bug#726397: ITP: libmateweather -- MateWeather shared library Bug#726405: ITP: libmateweather -- MateWeather shared library Bug#726412: ITP: liblog-any-adapter-filehandle-perl -- basic Log::Any::Adapter to forward messages to a filehandle Bug#726414: ITP: libfailures-perl -- minimalist exception hierarchy generator Bug#726415: ITP: libdata-hal-perl -- module implementing the Hypertext Application Language data format Bug#726419: ITP: python-braintree -- Braintree Python library Bug#726432: ITP: libjdom2-java -- Java API for accessing, manipulating and outputting XML data Bug#726456: ITP: php-font-lib -- read, parse, export and make subsets of different types of font files Bug#726461: ITP: golang-thrift -- Go library for linking against Thrift clients Bug#726482: ITP: lua-yaml -- LibYAML binding for Lua Bug#726488: ITP: ruby-commander -- Ruby command-line interface library Bug#726493: ITP: ruby-netconf -- Ruby GEM for device management using the NETCONF protocol as specified in RFC4741 and RFC6241 Bug#726534: ITP: shiro -- Apache Shiro - Java Security Framework Bug#726612: ITP: cpl-plugin-kmos -- ESO data reduction pipeline for KMOS Bug#726635: ITP: erlang-cl -- Erlang OpenCL bindings Bug#726660: ITP: morse2ascii -- tool for decoding the morse codes from a PCM WAV file Bug#726668: ITP: dtmf2num -- tool for decoding the DTMF and MF tones from PCM wave files Bug#726698: ITP: puppet-module-puppetlabs-xinetd -- The xinetd module let you manage xinetd with Puppet Bug#726701: general: apt-get install bootchart pybootchartgui command marking important packages for removal Bug#726708: ITP: python-mk-livestatus -- Python module that helps querying MK Livestatus Bug#726715: ITP: python-parse -- Parse provides the reverse function for format() Bug#726748: ITP: puppet-module-puppetlabs-keystone -- Puppet module for Openstack keystone Bug#726749: ITP: libsyntax-keyword-junction-perl -- Perl6 style Junction operators in Perl5 Bug#726753: ITP: puppet-module-duritong-sysctl -- Puppet module to configure sysctl Bug#726757: ITP: puppet-module-saz-memcached -- Puppet module for memcached Bug#726764: ITP: libanyevent-http-scopedclient -- Yet another AnyEvent::HTTP based client Bug#726772: ITP: node-negotiator -- HTTP content negotiator for Node.js Bug#726789: ITP: milter-manager -- A milter to use milters effectively Bug#726918: ITP: pear-channels -- PEAR channels for various projects Bug#726940: ITP: node-buffer-crc32 -- computes crc32 of buffers and strings - module for Node.js Bug#726978: ITP: libgit2 -- The git linkable library Bug#726990: ITP: django-celery-transactions -- Django transaction support for Celery tasks Bug#727019: ITP: litl -- Lightweight Trace Library Bug#727051: ITP: mate-dialogs -- Display graphical dialog boxes from shell scripts Bug#727063: ITP: php-doctrine-common -- common extensions for doctrine Bug#727078: ITP: libobject-container-perl -- simple object container Bug#727079: ITP: libmousex-foreign-perl -- Extends non-Mouse classes as well as Mouse classes Bug#727080: ITP: libexporter-autoclean-perl -- module that exports functions only available at compile time Bug#727085: ITP: hhvm -- Virtual Machine, Runtime, and JIT for the PHP language Bug#727090: ITP: r-cran-dosefinding -- Planning and Analyzing Dose Finding experiments Bug#727146: ITP: dooble -- WebKit based light browser Bug#727158: ITP: node-cookie-signature -- Sign and unsign cookies using hmac - module for Node.js Bug#727169: RFP: lua-stdlib -- Standard Lua libraries Bug#727170: RFP: lua-alien -- Pure Lua extensions Bug#727194: ITP: OpenMW -- Reimplementation of The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind game engine Bug#727195: ITP: OpenMW -- Reimplementation of The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind Bug#727212: ITP: cpp-netlib -- C++ Network Library Bug#727300: ITP: libmoosex-types-path-tiny-perl -- Path::Tiny types and coercions for Moose Bug#727620: ITP: dh-virtualenv -- Wrap & build python packages using virtualenv Bug#727629: general: CPU fan always on (high speed) Bug#727644: ITP: snap-byob -- ITP: snap-byob -- A block-based drag-and-drop programming environment Bug#727676: ITP: gitignorer -- A simple utility that aids in the creation of .gitignore files. Re: Bug#727708: init system question before the technical committee Re: Bug#727708: tech-ctte: Decide which init system to default to in Debian. Bug#727730: ITP: libjs-img.srcset -- fast JavaScript polyfill for img srcset Bug#727754: New "security-aware-resolver" virtual package. Bug#727757: ITP: ruby-mizuho -- Mizuho documentation formatting tool Bug#727759: ITP: websocket-client -- WebSocket client library for python Bug#727795: ITP: node-raw-body -- Request body length validation supporting streams - module for Node.js Bug#727797: ITP: node-fresh -- Check freshness of HTTP request and response headers - Node.js module Bug#727798: ITP: node-range-parser -- HTTP Range header parser - Node.js module Bug#727833: ITP: node-bytes -- Byte string parser and formatter - Node.js module Bug#728016: ITP: node-send -- Static file server with ranges and negotiation support for Node.js Bug#728085: ITP: pyfftw -- A pythonic wrapper around FFTW, the FFT library, presenting a unified interface for all the supported transforms. Bug#728111: ITP: papyrus -- DICOM compatible file format library Bug#728135: RFP: src:linux -- linux-image-3.11-1-amd64 Bug#728160: ITP: lime-forensics -- lime-forensics driver, a memory dumper (DKMS) Bug#728162: ITP: django-oauth2-provider -- Provide OAuth2 access to django application Bug#728246: ITP: libmoosex-types-stringlike-perl -- Moose type constraints for strings or string-like objects Bug#728251: ITP: volatility -- advanced memory forensics framework Bug#728273: ITP: r-bioc-makecdfenv -- BioConductor CDF Environment Maker Bug#728277: ITP: r-bioc-bsgenome -- BioConductor infrastructure for Biostrings-based genome data packages Bug#728282: ITP: pynfft -- a Pythonic wrapper around the NFFT library Bug#728285: ITP: r-bioc-rsamtools -- GNU R binary alignment (BAM), variant call (BCF), or tabix file import Bug#728321: ITP: php-opencloud -- library to work with OpenStack clouds Bug#728337: ITP: libcookie-baker-perl -- simple cookie string generator and parser Bug#728341: ITP: libenum-perl -- perl module for sets of ordered constants like enums in C Bug#728368: ITP: cpl-plugin-xsh -- ESO data reduction pipeline for XSHOOTER Bug#728386: ITP: binutils-arm-none-eabi -- GNU assembler, linker and binary utilities for ARM Cortex-M/R processors Bug#728387: ITP: gdb-arm-none-eabi -- GNU debugger for ARM Cortex-A/R/M processors Bug#728388: ITP: gcc-arm-none-eabi -- GCC cross compiler for ARM Cortex-A/R/M processors Bug#728400: ITP: ripmime -- extract attachments out of MIME encoded emails Bug#728410: ITP: python-glob2 -- enhanced glob module for Python build own web-gui Collect Suspend Tweaks Compatibility of libs for Berkeley DB (libdb5.1-dev or libdb4.8-dev) Re: [debian-mysql] MySQL.. no.. _I_ need your help! debian ova instance generator Debian XDG basedir compliance First autoremovals happen in about 8 days GNOME upstream portability [was: Re: Proposal: switch default desktop to xfce] gnucash dependencies (was Re: Proposal: switch default desktop to xfce) GPM and clickpad devices help needed: dist-upgrade of Re: Help needed to debug a failing bot on Hostile upstreams (was Re: Proposal: ...) how do deal with versionless mercurial software ? Imminent mass-bug-filing warning for multiarch:same bugs The last update was on 19:48 GMT Wed May 01. There are 1162 messages. Page 1 of 3.

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