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Re: Bug#727708: tech-ctte: Decide which init system to default to in Debian.

On Thu, 31 Oct 2013, Florian Weimer wrote:

> Curiously, a lot of system administrators do not do this correctly
> using sysvinit, causing system daemons to start unexpectedly after
> installing package updates.

What *is* the correct way, anyway?

My coworkers tell me to delete the symlinks in /etc/rc*.d/
but that’s sysv-rc specific, and file-rc’s config is now
always autogenerated from insserv (which is a major PITA).
Most initscripts do not have a real option to disable it
from /etc/defaults/ either, and chmod -x’ing the dæmon is
unsuitable when you want to run it from some other compo-
nent and/or manually (e.g. I have a custom rngd setup).
And chmod -x on the init script itself is most likely not
persistent across package upgrades.

So I ended up writing 'exit 0' as the first line into the
respective /etc/default/ file to disable them… or changing
the initscript directly (also 'exit 0' as first line after
the shebang), leading to conffile prompts.

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