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Re: [debian-mysql] MySQL.. no.. _I_ need your help!


On Fri, Oct 25, 2013 at 08:32:23AM -0700, Clint Byrum wrote:
> As some of you may know, I've been doing the bulk of the package
> maintenance on the mysql package for a while now. It started as part of
> my day job with Canonical, but since leaving Canonical it has been more
> a labor of love for Debian.
> I am asking you, the Debian developers, to step up and help. I am
> basically unable to contribute more than an hour a month now. There is a
> new round of secret CVE bugs to fix, and some old bugs that need to be
> handled. I think my October hour is about to be available, so I might
> be able to address those, but after that, if I don't get any more help,
> I'm done.
> What can you do to help?
> - Raise your hand and say you'll help

*raises hand*. 
I am not sure how much because LibreOffice keeps me busy at times, but I would
like to help in  the other time.

> - Perhaps help us do this right (I suspect I should have an RFH bug)
> - Join #debian-mysql on OFTC
> - Join the alioth team and request svn access
> - Triage bugs (src:mysql-5.5 and for oldstable src:mysql-5.1)
> - Help package the latest patch releases from Oracle
> - Help with MariaDB (James Page and Otto, thanks for doing this btw!)
> - Help us migrate to git

I am not sure because LibreOffice keeps me busy at times, but I would
like to help.



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