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Re: how do deal with versionless mercurial software ?

Quoting Dominik George (2013-10-02 16:39:09)
> Wookey <wookey@wookware.org> schrieb:
>>+++ Dominik George [2013-10-02 16:23 +0200]:
>>>> should be fine.
>>> It isn't, it is not a unique identifier for the one "release" you 
>>> are packaging.
>> No, but it can be a sufficient identifier so long as you don't make 
>> more than one release a day.
>> Which exact tag/branch/hash/whatever was used for the orig tarball 
>> can be recorded elsewhere in the release. It doesn't have to go in 
>> the version number - that's a decision for the packager.
>> Wookey
> From a power-user point of view, I want to see what version of a 
> package is in Debian by looking through the package lists, without 
> having to download the source package or some other awkward steps.
> A packager might package a 3 year old commit now, and use today's date 
> as version. You see that it does not serve identifying upstream 
> version in any way, it's just a useless piece of information.

A packager is not required to serve users with such specific needs.

That said, I recommend to use the date of newest commit, not packaging 

 - Jonas

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