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Re: First autoremovals happen in about 8 days

Hi Bill,

Bill Allombert wrote (07 Oct 2013 22:04:21 GMT) :
> I am concerned that in the event a package is removed from testing,
> the people most interested with restoring the package will miss the
> removal, since the package will stay installed on their systems.

I believe there are good chances that this kind of people realize that
there's a problem at some point, if they're particularly interested in
this package: either they're directly affected by the RC bugs
affecting this package (it was removed for a reason, uh), or they'll
miss some new feature implemented in a newer upstream version and will
wonder why it's not in testing yet, or they'll suffer from some other
bug and will have a look at the PTS.

In all of this cases, "$PACKAGE is not in testing anymore" is likely
to be a stronger "help is needed" signal for them than the mere
presence of RC bugs.

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