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Re: Archive rebuild failures and the clean target

On 2013-10-07 10:53 +0200, Thibaut Paumard wrote:

> I see "serious" FTBFS bugs appearing on my packages when people try to
> rebuild the entire archive.
> Those failures are due to attempting to run the clean target prior to
> anything else.

This is what dpkg-buildpackage does, so it has to work.

> While it's nice when debian/rules clean works even on already clean
> source, it's by no means mandated by policy.

If so, policy should probably be changed, since in practice it has been
required for many years.

> I think people who do full archive rebuilds should fix their scripts
> to not clean before building, or file "wishlist" bugs instead of
> "serious" when the failure occurs in the initial clean.

Those packages will FTBFS on the buildds, so "serious" is the right


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