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Re: First autoremovals happen in about 8 days

On 07/10/13 23:04, Bill Allombert wrote:
> I am concerned that in the event a package is removed from testing,
> the people most interested with restoring the package will miss the
> removal, since the package will stay installed on their systems.
> This, then, cause stable releases to be missing packages that users
> are depending on, which reduce the value of the distribution.

`aptitude search '?obsolete'` is useful after upgrading a system to a
new stable release, a trick I learned from:

Not directly related to this:  a side effect of running debsecan is that
if I see security issues accumulating for some package, I would likely
check the PTS to see why it remains unfixed, or decide to remove or
replace the package with something else that's still maintained.

So if `aptitude search '?obsolete'` was run periodically, like debsecan,
it could email the system admin when new items appear on the obsoletes
list.  I imagine that'd be a good way to notify of the situation being
described here?

Steven Chamberlain

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