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Bug#725712: ITP: tarix -- Indexing utility for tar archives

Package: wnpp
Severity: wishlist
Owner: Stanislav Maslovski <stanislav.maslovski@gmail.com>

* Package name    : tarix
  Version         : 1.0.7
  Upstream Author : Matthew "Cheetah" Gabeler-Lee
* URL             : https://github.com/fastcat/tarix; http://sourceforge.net/projects/xtar/
* License         : GPL
  Programming Lang: C
  Description     : Indexing utility for tar archives

tarix is a program for indexing tar archives so that selective extraction
can be done rapidly, especially on slow devices like tape drives, providing
that you can seek to arbitrary locations (at least on 512 byte boundaries)
within the tar archive.
Tarix is designed to work as a compression filter for tar with the
--use-compress-program option.  Tarix can either pass the tar archive
straight through, or it can compress the archive using zlib on the way
through.  Note that tarix does special things when using zlib to enable
random access when extracting.
Tarix's index file format is geared for simplicity and ease of use in
a recovery situation.  For those reasons, it is a simple text format.
Using tarix's indexes requires only grep, sed, dd, and tar for basic usage.
tarix itself can use the index for fast extraction without convoluted usage
of grep, sed, and dd.

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